Business chat

What is and how it works?. Business chat application allows your clients to communicate freely with a customer service via chat or attractive form on the website. In other words it is a small window on your website that actually allows you to communicate in real time with each potential customer visiting your website or online store.

ETOOLSET Business Chat is not just a chat room, but the cheapest Virtual Call Center on the market, so that you can:

  • Archive all the conversations and messages
  • Assign an unlimited number of consultants
  • Manage your consultants and conversations
  • Generate automatic hints (predefined answers) autosuggestion that improves consultants' efficiency
  • Detect and block unwanted submissions
  • Generate conversation reports and employees working time reports

But that's not all. Business chat can be combined with our another application Coobrowsing. In this way, your customers can share their desktop with you. Then you can help your customers to create new user account, make a purchase, fill out a form or find specific information. Take control over customers’ web browser regardless of its location. It is simply and modern tool.

Privacy policy generator

You do not know how to write a privacy policy. Probably you have more important things on your mind but the applicable regulations require this type of documents on your website. Do not worry there is a solution - Privacy policy generator. The application can easily generate complex documents that are customized to your activities and required by law. It just takes a few moments to have a well-written privacy policy without a need to have technical expertise and legal knowledge. ETOOLSET policy Generator allows you to:

  • Personalize your documents
  • Generate appropriate legal clauses that are consistent with the Polish and European law
  • Turn on automatic updating in case of changes in legislation
  • Add privacy policy to your website easily just by pasting two lines of code into your website

Nextgen surveys & polls

Are you looking for solution to carry out surveys, studies, tests ? Do you want to check the knowledge of your employees ? Check our Nextgen surveys & polls system which allows you to create a great survey and then implementation and analysis in a quick and error-free way. Sign up and check out our Online surveys based on artificial intelligence mechanisms that protects you from unwanted or incorrect answers. The system does not collect unreliable answers, that are worthless for research purposes. This feature allows to get reliable survey results and provides intelligent data analysis. The system offers:

  • Creating own surveys templates, personalization of default themes
  • Unlimited number of respondents
  • Unlimited number of surveys and questions
  • Types of question: single choice, multiple choice, open, mixed, and much more
  • Defining response time limit, the order of questions, and displayed messages
  • Mass / single sending invitations to fill out surveys
  • Advanced analysis based on interactive charts (single answer / all answers) with option to export to PDF
  • Ability to sharing surveys in Social Media
  • Setting logic and surveys’ behavior, exclusions according to established patterns


What is coobrowsing? This is a tool that allows you to share the screen of your computer with other person. This modern solution is increasingly used by domestic companies. Why ? Because it allows solve a problem which can not be explained via chat / phone in a few moments. But it is not the only use of Cobrowsing. Imagine the situation when you make a cobrowsing session in cooperation with your employees or business partners. Ask yourself how much you or your company can gain thanks to our application on your website, service, portal or online store.

Cobrowsing key features:

  • Sharing / receiving screen regardless of location
  • Compatibility with any web browser
  • Layout customization

Cobrowsing app is designed for ease of installation and service. Installation takes just few moments and is done just by pasting two lines of code into your website. Obviously, it is necessary to register and have an active account on ETOOLSET. Check it out, sign up and test it 30 days without any obligations.


Would you like to create a simple video tutorial or give detailed information about app features ? Maybe you need a tool to record tips to plan for your next eLearning project ? Sign up and check ETOOLSET Screen Cast. Now you can shoot a video and share it on Facebook, YouTube or your own website.

ETOOLSET Screencast key features:

  • Recording video tutorials, instructional videos in MP4 format
  • Ability to add company logo, audio and subtitles - built-in subtitle generator
  • Ability to crop recordings (from / to the point)
  • Ability to publish recording on your website / on Facebook, YouTube
  • Ability to resize recording area
  • Multi-versions of the same recording

Do you want to know more? Check ETOOLSET Screen Cast tool. Sign up and take advantage of our solutions

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